Taoist Qi Gong Denver - Individual Classes in the Taoist Internal Healing Martial Art

Obtain individual guidance in mastering the unique Taoist inner body experience and practice.

These higher Taoist practices, including the Microcosmic Orb, require no strenuous outer exercises. QiGong is the gentle art of revitalizing yourself by balancing and circulating energy within the body.

Work comfortably one-on-one on releasing excess energy from your head and sealing, storing and conserving energy within your lower body. Practice using all the centers of your body, engaging them in dialogue with the practice of the Inner Smile.

Feel more balanced, less stressed, more relaxed and youthfully vibrant with exercises that can attack energy blockages that deplete and tire you. Enjoy greater stamina despite the outer circumstances of your life. Learn how to vent negative energy picked up from other people, and how to salvage positive energy from negative emotions. Get tips on the art of recycling sexual energy safely without chancing the kundalini syndrome or using performance-enhancing medication.

Share in ancient Taoist secrets thousands of years old which gave rise to acupuncture, Tai Chi and numerous external martial arts.

For one or more individual sessions, contact Francine Juhasz, Ph.D., at or telephone 303-955-4186.


Invest in Your Children!!

Be truly enlightened parents.

Check out our blog Hip Mamas Dig Astrology (because they know what to do with it)

Francine Juhasz, psychotherapist, Ph.D. in psychology with 30 years counseling experience, can interpret to you, the parents, the personal energy charts of your children or teenagers – in person or by phone – recorded on CDs.

Ideal for parents of gifted, introverted, artistically-inclined or problem children. Free phone consultation. 303-955-4186.


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Taming the Thug Within: Sure Cure For Women's Self-Love

© 2009 Francine Juhasz, Ph. D.

ISBN 978-0-9821704-1-0



Geocaching For Personally Valuable Treasure:Treasure Hunting in Random Trite Events

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Francine Juhasz, Ph.D.
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Testimonial from Lord David Freud, great grandson of Sigmund Freud and British Welfare Minister and author of Freud in the City:

"The Juhasz geocache turns the irritating event into a positive goad to decision-making in a way that puts mind over emotion. It traces back to the classical world in its emphasis on the importance of augury and the interpretation of signs. But it is much more free-form and relaxed, as befits our more liberal era. Like found art, the geocache encourages us to turn the everyday oddity into a way of solving our immediate concerns. Great fun."

Contact me at

Tel. 303-955-4186